What it’s all about

Getting back into cooking, I’m trying this ‘blog thing.’ Heard it has to do with the ‘internet.’

Instead of going to expensive restaurants, I enjoy comfort food with a kick. Good fried chicken with mac and cheese, etc. is what does it for me. However, I have always been bothered by the blandness of popularity. What’s that? It’s when a restaurant tries to cater its food to too large an audience and loses the most basic facet of cooking: seasoning. I love big bold flavors, but also am intrigued by the subtleties of how flavor builds in a complex dish.

My favorite flavor is spice. Adding that extra kick can usually fix the plague of under-seasoning. Since most restaurants don’t make food spicy when I ask for ‘spicy,’ I’m trying to give cooking a little bit more BOOM! Cayenne pepper? Yes, please. Tabasco? Bring it on! And top it off with some fresh cilantro.

I’ve been intrigued by Cajun cuisine because of the flavors and the colors, which in some ways reminds me of Southeast Asian cuisine (Thai, Vietnamese, etc.). The exuberance of a dish is conveyed not only in its taste, but also in its aesthetic. To be completely honest, I do not have any experience with Cajun food which is why one of the reasons why I’m starting this blog is to explore it.

I live in San Francisco, one of the culinary capitals of the world, and I have also lived/traveled extensively in Asia. Thus, I am looking forward to trying out traditional Cajun recipes with a unique twist (combining Creole with a little bit of Korean, Indian, etc. spice). I am not a big fan of ‘fusion,’ and this is by no means an attempt for a new type, although I have been to restaurants that have done fusion quite well. But more often than not, I feel that most restaurants piggy-back on a trend to be part of the “it” crowd, while neglecting what they do best (usually not fusion).

A lot of flavors that I have experienced are unique to California (I have yet to hear of a good Viet place in the South). California cuisine in my mind is fresh and vibrant, combining different styles and tastes to make something utterly unique and hopefully delicious. So through this blog, I’m going to try to mix California cuisine with Cajun.

I’ll try to post weekly update of things that I have cooked, followed by what did and didn’t work. Stay tuned…


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